Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Service Information


Cedar shakes have been the de-facto roofing material in the Northwest for many decades, it has been over the last 15-20 years that the [push has been made to go with alternative roofing solutions as much of the old growth cedar has diminished.  Many HOA’s and homeowners like the classic look and natural beauty, Cedar shake has to offer and choose to maintain their existing roofs in lieu of a replacement.  We offer compressed air cleaning and low pressure washing of cedar shake roofs for over 25 years.  A properly cleaned cedar shake roof can not only extend the life of the roof but restore it’s original beauty.

In addition to a cleaning we recommend treating the roof with one of the various roof treatments we offer.  Many people like the look of a color preservative treatment (Oil or water based), while others prefer the naturally aged look and opt for a clear treatment.  Please ask our salesmen for a description of the different treatments available and we can guide you in the right direction to meet your needs.

  • Compressed air clean: least damaging, but will not remove all organic material
  • Low pressure wash: Most thorough cleaning method, will renew the roof closer to it’s original look.
  • Blow Off: basic debris removal using a hand held leaf blower.
  • TWP Oil Treatments
  • Water based with tint (different shades available): active ingredient is crypticidal fatty acid soap.
  • Water based, clear treatment: Enviroclean (Most ecological solution for a roof treatment).
  • Zinc Sulphate powder (short term treatment, most cost effective)