Commercial PVC Roofing Services Information

PVC or Poly vinyl chloride is a single ply membrane used on flat or low slope roof systems.  It is a safer and longer lasting alternative to the older torch down or modified bitumen roof systems of years past.  Of all the single ply membranes on the market PVC has been the one to have the best and most proven track record.  It has far outperformed TPO and EPDM membranes.  There are many different manufacturers and formulations of PVC material on the market, we however have done extensive research and only install the the best and most trusted products.  Our list of PVC products installed commercially and residential are:

  • Duro-Last
  • IB Roof systems
  • Sarnafil
  • Fibertite

Most PVC Roof systems are installed by two methods, Fully Adhered and Mechanically Fastened.  A fully adhered installation is using a glue or an adhesive to attach the PVC to the decking, with the overlapping seams welded with a heat gun.  A mechanically fastened system is installed by using screws and plates to attach the PVC to the roof deck, also with the overlapping seams welded with a heat gun or walk welder.  In most cases a mechanically fastened roof is the safest and most common method of installation.  A roof that has a concrete deck or wants to eliminate any wrinkles or billowing of material will opt for a fully adhered application.  These same methods apply to TPO roofs as well.