Tapered Roof Systems Information

One of the biggest problems with flat roofs is the water will collect and pool in many areas causing a myriad of problems which can result in leaking and rotting of substrate. We offer fully tapered roof systems that can add much needed slope without changing the roof diaphram, even going right over the top of an existing roof. We can install EPS or Polyiso taper systems ranging from 1/8″ rise to every foot to 1″ rise to every foot.


We typically use Insulfoam tapered roof designs, which are Extruded Poly Stryene panels (styrofoam), they come in different densities and depths, providing both slopes and higher R-Values to flat roofs.

For those projects needing a higher R-Value than the EPS systems, we recommend using PolyIso foam board panels, as they provide the highest R-Values for rigid foam insulation, however, Polyiso boards can be as much as twice the cost as EPS.

  • EPS
  • Polyiso
  • 1/8″ Slope to 1″ Slopes
  • Commercial | Residential