Metal Roofing Information

Modern metal roofing is high tech and stylish and will virtually last forever. Metal roofing is usually 24 or 26 gauge in thickness, so it is very sturdy but, at the same time, very lightweight.

In my opinion there is no better roofing product for the Northwest than a metal roof.  All metal roofs are at least 40% post consumer recycled and are lifetime products. Metal roofs require very little maintenance and are highly reflective and can be easily integrated with solar roofing products, giving metal roofing the highest grades when it comes to sustainability.

  • Snaplock Panels
  • Decorative Shake and Slate Profiles
  • Stone Coated Profiles
  • CustomBilt Metals
  • Nu-Ray Metals
  • Gerard Metals

There are two main types of metal roofing: Standing Seam and Decorative

Standing Seam is the most popular style and refers to long panels of colored metal, 12 to 24 inches wide with raised seams running vertically up the face creating a sleek, modern appearance. There are NO exposed fasteners. Standing Seam is well suited for snow zones since snow and ice slide easily off the smooth surface. Maintenance is practically nonexistent if the pitch of the roof is fairly steep.

Decorative refers to small panels, formed into the shape of tile or shake roofing which are interlocked in much the same way as tile. Again, there are no exposed fasteners with this style metal. Decorative Metal is a great choice if a tile or shake look is wanted and the structure is not designed for the heavier cement tile. Please contact us in regard to warranties from the various manufacturers. We are happy to discuss the various options for using metal on your building.

The Good

  • Heavy Duty and Lightweight
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • High Reflectivity of Sun Rays
  • Long Lasting

The Bad

  • Low RF Value (Low Insulation)
  • Sometimes Prone to Oil Canning (Standing Seam)

The Ugly

  • Difficult to Repair
  • Higher Cost