Roof Maintenance Information

Roof Maintenance in Seattle is a tricky business.  The Northwest is a temperate rainforest,  one of the largest rainforests in North America, this can cause much more wear and tear on roofs than any other part of the country.  Element smart Roofing started out as a roof maintenance company 25 years ago and have some of the best roof maintenance crews in the King County area.  If your roof still has life left and it is covered in needles, leaves, moss, fungus, mildew or all the above just gives us a call of fill out our Maintenance Inspection Request and we will send out some of the best roof maintenance people in the business.  Don’t let the elements degrade your roof prematurely, Call us today for an assessment and maintenance plan.

  • Cedar Shake Clean and Treatments
  • Zinc sulphate Moss treatments
  • Low Pressure Wash
  • Compressed Air Cleaning
  • Annual, Semi Annual and Quarterly Maintenace Programs
  • Commercial Flat Roof Mainteneace Programs
  • 5 Year Certifications
  • Gutter cleanings and Gutter Covers
  • Snow Removal