Tapered Roofing Services Information

Flat roofs almost always do not have any slope for alleviating ponding water, this can create many problems in a roof system from sagging substrates to water leakage.  With advancements in tapered rigid foam insulation, we can offer solutions to slope an existing flat roof without changing the roof diaphram or structure, which would also require extensive permitting and costs.  We have tapered roof systems that can slope a flat roof on top of decking ranging from 1/2″ rise every foot to 1/8″ rise every foot, the degree of slope is determined by distance from roof edges to drains and overall size and volume of roof.  We can use an EPS material, which is Extruded PolyStryene (Styrofoam) or PolyIso board, both come in different slope designs and are completely customizeable according to a specific roof plan.  The EPS systems are more common due to the cost effectiveness, but Polyiso can provide a higher R-Value which is important in LEED projects.

  • Slopes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ rise per foot
  • Extruded Poly Stryene (EPS)
  • Polyiso
  • DensDeck (for fire Ratings)
  • In some cases, more extreme crickets or slopes using plywood or other carpentry.