Commercial Permits Information

Permits are a pain in the a…neck.  If you have to get them though, we know the procedures.  Each city will have it’s own codes and requirements of the permit process, each roof will have certain criteria in which a permit is pulled or not.  We usually recommend pulling a permit on a flat roof project due to the myriad of issues that may be lurking under the decking, that may be beneficial to get a city inspectors eyes on as to properly re-do the roof diaphram according to city building codes.  In a roof recover a permit is usually not required.  Most cities do not require a permit if the original structure is not changing, this to a roofer usually means the decking is not coming off, if it does than more than likely a trip to City Hall is on the proposal.  Most permits are paid for by the building owner unless discussed otherwise.  We can pull the permits ourselves and bill for them or help guide our customers through the process if needed, we recommend letting us do the dirty work.

  • Pull proper permits (fill out all applicable paperwork and schematics to City Hall)
  • Schedule all inspections from the city in which we are working
  • Get final sign offs on all stages of roof project from city inspectors.