Commercial Metal Roofing Services Information

Metal roofing in Seattle is a great way to have a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing roof in addition to a very low maintenance roof system, hence the reason many commercial hospitality businesses choose this material.  If you look at the buildings in areas of extreme weather from snow or fire, almost 90% are metal.  In the Southwest there are many more tile roofs than metal, but in the Northwest where snow storms and forest fires are not uncommon, metal roofs remain king.  We offer standing seam, faux shake and tile and stone coated profiles for metal roof projects.  Metal can be installed as low as 1/2″ slope.

  • Standing Seam
  • Stone Coated
  • Aluminum
  • Shake | Slate Metal
  • Copper


  • Custom-Bilt Metals
  • Nu Ray Metals
  • Gerard Stone Coated Metal
  • EDCO | Arrowline
  • Classic Metals