Commercial Live Roof Services Information


Green roofs or vegetative roof systems are becoming popular as well as living walls.  These can be part of a larger LEED project or a personal preference, but green roofs offer both beauty and functionality.  Some of the benefits are well known like water shed runoff reduction and the insulation value.  A common reason many office buildings opt for a green roof is to offer and more natural landscape to rest and break areas of roofs as well as curtailing the urban heat island effect which is the off gassing of hot aspahlt flat roofs into the lower atmosphere causing a more micro greenhouse effect of our cities.
There are many varieties of plants, seedums, bulbs and grasses which can be used in a single roof system, many people choose a seedum blend that is low maintenance and native to that local environment.  We can fully customize our roof plantings through our preferred gardens and nurseries.  We exclusively use the LiveRoof System due to it’s 95% fully vegetated installations as well as the monolithic roof systems they can create without much maintenance from the building owners or their maintenance crews.  For more on LiveRoof:

  • 95% fully vegetated at install
  • Fully custom Plant mixes and plantings
  • Completely monolithic roof. (where all the modules are designed to grow into each other, creating one interwoven garden)
  • Extensive or Intensive systems
  • One on One consulting with our network of nurseries to provide the best mix of plants for your project.